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Salam, Peluang menjana pendapatan bersama. Agen Dropship cadarku atau sertai bisnes Shaklee dengan peluang pendapatan sehinggga 6 angka. Bagi yang serius - yuran keahlian serendah RM75 seumur hidup. sms.whatsapp 0193439341 email - nyatakan minat anda- agent cadar atau sertai Shaklee atau kedua-duanya

terms and condition

Terms & Conditions

Terms: A payment guarantee must be completed to Cadarku before we will drop ship on your behalf. A non-refundable RM 35 is required to open your account. No hidden charge, and it is a yearly fee for administrative account set-up, maintenance, registration and handling fee.
Minimum Order: There is no minimum order requirement for individual drop-shipped order.

Inactivity: Accounts from which Cadarku has received no orders for a consecutive period of two months will be closed. A new application and deposit will be required to re-open an inactive account.

Shipping: Cadarku will ship via Parcel Pos. Cadarku accepts no responsibility for lost packages shipped to all past, present and future shipments. Kindly be reminded that no last minute changes is accepted or entertained after the order has been confirmed to us including the payment.

Inventory: Cadarku does not guarantee inventory in terms of in-stock status or restock dates. Inventory status information is estimated and may change without prior notice. Likewise product prices, descriptions and designs may also change without notice.

Errors: Cadarku shall not be held liable or responsible in the event that we are unable to provide such setbacks or facilitate availability of the delivery at the designated address. Any mistakes in making the order or related are fully under your responsibility and shall not be refundable. Unless Cadarku is the cause of the error, Cadarku will be responsible for all label corrections. Shipping errors include shipment refusal by you or your customer, incorrect address, address change and failed delivery.

Shipping Damage: Cadarku will not cover items damaged by the shipping carrier.

These policies, terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. The responsibility to remain familiar with Cadarku’s policies, terms and conditions is yours. Please check periodically for updates, changes and revisions to our policies, terms and conditions.

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